JAN 2022 - Booking.com award

We are pleased to receive our first award from bookings.com for achieving a guest review rating of 9.7 out of 10.

We have received the Airbnb Superhost award every quarter since starting in August 2017.





Thank you to all our guests over the last 3 months. Your high review ratings and satisfaction has now allowed us to achieve our 14th Superhost Award in a role. In fact we have been awarded this every 3 months since our initial start up in August 2017. Both Rosemary and I (Gary) work hard to provide a premium accommodation to our guests and to provide great service. We want you to feel that our suites are truly "Better than Home". We look forward to having you repeat your stay with us when next in Victoria. Remember there are no booking fees when you book directly on our site and if this is a repeat stay then simply ask for your 10% bonus saving before booking. 
Rosemary and Gary, April 2021


Airbnb certainly likes what we are doing. They have just awarded us for the 13th time Super Host Status. We try very hard to make our rentals comfortable, well equipped and the kind of place you want to come back to again and again. Check us out for your next stay in Beautiful Victoria. You won't be disappointed. And book on this site to save the booking fee that other booking platforms charge. We have no booking fees!

August 2020 - 12th Superhost Award

We were please again to receive our 12th Superhost Award. We have met this standard every single quarter since starting our vacation rental. We thank everyone for their good reviews. We will do our very best to make sure you receive a 5-star experience each time you stay at our lovely Pandora Condo or Pearl House Suites.


We are pleased to receive our 11th Superhost Award in a row from Airbnb. Thank you to all our great guests who have constantly rated us 5 stars in their reviews. We try very hard to provide the best accommodation for a good price in the heart of  Oldtown Victoria. Check out our reviews and come for a visit the next time your need a short or longer stay in Victoria. You will love our deluxe condo and will enjoy all the sights Victoria can offer.


January 2020 - 10th Airbnb Superhost Award

10th Superhost Award

We have done it again. We are pleased to receive our 10th Airbnb Superhost Status Award in a role. We have achieved this every quarter since opening our lovely Downtown Victoria Pandora Condo in August 2017, This award confirms our attention to detail in providing a superior condo for stays and experience when renting from us. With over 150+ 5-star reviews on our various booking sites our guests are confirming this achievement. We look forward to providing you with the same quality of service when you book with us.

October 2019 - 9th Airbnb Superhost Award

We are so happy to receive our 9th Superhost status in a row. We have achieved Superhost status every quarter since opening our lovely downtown condo in August 2017. With almost 150 5 star reviews our guests have celebrated wonderful times in our condo and appreciate all the extras that we do from greeting and orienting them to all the little extras that make their stays wonderful. Just check us out and see what a great time you will have while visiting Victoria.

July 2019 Airbnb Superhost Award - 8th Time

We must be doing something right! Airbnb has just awarded us Superhost for the 8th time in a row. We have achieved this every quarter since opening our lovely Pandora Condo as a short term vacation rental in the heart of Old Town Victoria. We are dedicated to making sure that our rentals are top notch and very enjoyable to  all our guests to stay in. With over 99% of our guests giving us 5 Stars we know that you will find our rentals are meeting this goal and that you will have a wonderful stay in an excellent location in Victoria. 

Rosemary and Gary

April 2019 - Superhost Award - 7 Times in a row!

We are pleased to receive the Airbnb Superhost Award for the 7th time in a row. We are dedicated to our guests comfort and in having a very enjoyable stay at our beautiful downtown condo. Airbnb thinks so as well by giving us this award. With over 125 Reviews (over 99% 5-Star),  0 Cancellations, and 100% Response Rate to our guests we continue to provide the best accommodation and service that we can. Our condo is "Better Than Home".

Superhost 7 Times

January 2019 - 6th Airbnb Superhost Award

We are very pleased to have received our 6th in a row Superhost Award from Airbnb. When we started our short term vacation rental we decided that we would work towards making every guest have a wonderful experience in our condo. We consistently greet all guests so they know where to park, know about all the features of the condo and building, and know more about Victoria than when they arrived. We do inspections on our condo before each guest arrives after our cleaners are done to make sure everything is perfect. We then add many extras to create great value for our guests. This award confirms that our quality of service is working and that our guests are receiving the quality and service they deserve when they rent from us. We will continue to make sure all our properties meet the highest standards for our guests.

Our slogan is our rentals are "Better Than Home". This award shows we are meeting this objective.

Rosemary and Gary

January 5, 2019 - 100 Review Milestone

We are excited! Last night our lovely short-term vacation rental in Old Town Victoria (on Vancouver Island, Canada) just received its 100th review on the major booking sites we are listed on! With consistent work, prompt communication, and of course the good will of our great guests, we have successfully maintained our 5-star status since opening 17 months ago, as well as our Superhost and Premium Partner status.

Our very first review in August 2017 was from a Dutch family who arrived on opening day, and since then we’ve been booked for all but a few nights of each month. Our guests have come from around the world, and we've even received a review in Korean and one in Italian! 87.7% of our guests have kindly taken the time to post a review after their stay, and we are encouraged by their comments that we are providing a quality experience for each of the hundreds of people who have stayed in our private downtown rental condo/apartment. Beyond the essentials of having a great location and a secure underground parking space, we feel the key has been a combination of attention to detail in providing everything our guests could possibly need during their stay, as well as working with meticulous cleaners, and giving our welcome a very personal touch. Hospitality has lifelong been one of my core values. Gary and I (or our co-host Sue) have personally greeted every guest who’s arrived and given them a helpful orientation as well as a welcome gift of fresh cookies, fruit, and flowers and more! 

It’s been genuinely fun, and Gary and I love running this (licensed, fully legal) short-term vacation rental. We would be delighted if you, our friends, would kindly ‘like' our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BeautifulVictoriaRentals/and ideally share it with other friends who like to travel. The West Coast is so beautiful, and we would be particularly thrilled if you would consider our lovely city of Victoria and our very cozy rental condo as you plan one of your next trips! 

October 2018 - 5th Superhost Status Award

We are pleased to receive our 5th in a row Superhost Status Award.

The Superhost programme recognizes over 400,000 hosts who go above and beyond for every guest. 

We strive to be the best hosts we can to make every guests visit in our lovely condo and suites the best it can be and to provide superior rental accommodation which are "Better Than Home".

September 2018 - AirBnB Work and Family Collections

AirBnB Achievements

AirBnB has again recognized our Beautiful Downtown Condo with the Work and Family Collection designations. This indicates that businesses and families have rated us 5 stars and we have provided sufficient business and family oriented amenities to make their stays a good experience. 

This is our 5th recognition including the our Superhost status indicating superior hosting in accommodation and service.

We invite you to experience an excellent visit to Beautiful Victoria in one of our short, mid, or long term furnished rentals.

July 2018 - 4 Time Superhost Status Award

We were very pleased to receive our 4th in a row AirBnB Superhost Status.

AirBnB sent this lovely note: 

"Congrats, Rosemary! You’ve earned Superhost 4 times in a row, which means you’ve unlocked a Superhost bonus. It’s a little extra thanks for the extra care you put in to hosting."

This confirms our dedication to providing the best accommodation and experience we can in our Short Term Vacation Rental and our Mid and Long Term Fully Furnished rentals.

August, 2018 - Premier Partners

We are pleased to announce that VRBO/HomeAway has now rated us as a Premier Partner.

Eligibility requirements for the Premier Partner program are currently based on factors such as our response time, accept rate, review quality and more. 

July 2018 - 60+ Reviews

We are pleased to have achieved over 60 reviews with over  98% 5-stars.

Over 60 Reviews on AirBnB

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April 2018 - Superhost Status Award

We are pleased to receive AirBnB Superhost recognition for the third time in a row for our short term rental "Pandora New Old Town Condo" in downtown Victoria. We strive to make this and all our rentals perfect and try to think of all the things short and long term guests may need.

AirBnB thinks so and the great ratings from our guests show they also think so. We have been rated "Business Ready" since September 2017, which gives our business guests all the amenities that make their stay productive and comfortable.

You can trust that you will be getting the best places to stay and the most helpful hosts when you choose one of our rentals.

Rosemary and Gary