New Province of B.C. Rental Taxes Starting October 1st, 2018.

New Taxes

The Province of B.C. where we live and where our short term rental condo is located on October 1, 2018 implemented an 8% Provincial Sales Tax (PST) and 3% Municipality and Regional District Tax (MRDT) on short term rentals for periods less than 27 days. These taxes are already collected from travellers for rooms booked in hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels and other accommodation in B.C. As well we will have to collect the Federal Government’s 5% Goods and Service Tax (GST). This makes a total of 16% taxes on top of the rental amount. We do remit all taxes to the Provincial and Federal Governments.


The attempt is to level the playing field so all people using short term rental accommodation in B.C. pay the same taxes as those staying in hotels, motels, etc. In the past this only applied to hosts with 4 or more rental units but now the government has removed that exemption and the taxes will be charged on all rental accommodations including our Pandora short term rental condo downtown. The provincial government expects the taxes to generate $16 million per year.

As this does not apply to rentals that are 27 days or more, we will not be required to collect the taxes on our two Pearl House mid term rental suites and our long term unfurnished rentals.

Our Collection Policy

Rosemary and I will be complying with this legislation by the B.C. government as we have no legal options to not collect the taxes. This tax will be added to the fees charged for our short term rental accommodation only. The provincial government already has an agreement with Airbnb (one of our booking sites) to collect the tax at source. This means we do not expect to collect the taxes nor remit them ourselves, but rather, Airbnb will collect the taxes and remit them directly to the provincial government. At the time of writing (Jul 2022) Vrbo/HomeAway and sites which is our other online booking sites are collecting the 16% taxes and passing this amount onto us. We are then submitting this to the appropriate government agencies as required. If you book on our own website we will collect the PST, MRDT, and GST taxes and submit to the government as above.

We are really sorry this is happening as it adds another cost for travelers. Despite this tax most of our clients will agree that they get great value and superior accommodation as compared to the local hotels.

A Word of Caution

Some short term rental people may neither register for the taxes nor collect the taxes. Please note this is illegal and eventually these operators will be found and fined and eventually put out of business if they do not comply.

Rosemary and I do not operate that way at all. We do everything legally, and operate a short term rental that’s permitted both according to the building bylaws and the area zoning. Annually we purchase an expensive business license with the City of Victoria, submit all taxes, report all income on our rentals and pay the appropriate additional income taxes.

We will do our best to mitigate additional charges to our guests and will continue to provide 5-star accommodation and service to all our guests.

What You Can Do To Offset Taxes - Book Directly On Our Site

Vrbo and Airbnb (and most of the other online booking sites) charge both the guests  and us a 4-15% service fee. We do not charge booking service fees to people who book directly on our site. So if this is a return visit or you know someone coming to Victoria who needs either our short term rental or one of our mid term rentals then kindly point them to our website to do their booking.

Repeat Guests 10% Discount For Pandora

If you have stayed with us in the past then we are happy to offer a 10% discount off of the posted rates for the Pandora condo only. 

Pearl House 5% Discount for 3 or More Month Bookings

We do not provide discounts for either the Pearl Upper or Garden suites.

Gary and Rosemary

(last updated Jul 2022)