We Do Not Charge Service Fees

Provider Service Fees

Most vacation rental owners need to work with online hosting services such as Airbnb, HomeAway, Vrbo, Trip Advisor, etc. in order to have sufficient exposure to rent their properties during the year. We get world wide exposure for our properties on these services. We pay a fee to the services for providing this service to us.

People looking for their perfect vacation rentals use these sites to find the desired property types and pricing for the locations they prefer. In the last few years these online booking sites have started to charge to the guest a booking fee from 4 to 15% of the rental amount and also sometimes a payment fee.

No Booking Service Fees for Beautiful Victoria Rentals

When you book directly on our site we do not charge a booking or service fee which will save you quite a bit on your rental.

We do, however, like most other vacation rentals charge a professional cleaning fee in order that our listing rates match up to other rentals which do the same. In this way you can better compare the pricing of the various rentals on the same basis.

Full Disclosure

We do work currently with Airbnb, Vrbo, and Bookings.com for some of our rentals.

We appreciate the wide exposure this gives us but feel that sometimes the service fees are excessive, especially on mid and long term rentals.

We have set up this website to provide a No Service Charge booking experience and are marketing this in various ways so you can find our rentals. For repeat guests you can come back to this site to book your next vacation or longer stays with us with no service charge fees.

Our Policy

1. If you book directly with us through our Beautiful Vacations Rentals website we will not charge any booking service fees. We can take PayPal, Credit Cards, or Interac E-Payments.

2. If you book with us using one of the online booking services we will honour the booking including the service fees (which we do not receive).
We will not provide a booking for anyone who books on one of the services and then cancels the booking and tries to book afterwards directly with us on this website.

We hope that you will understand that our success providing rentals depends on bookings that the online services provide to us and we must honour our agreements with them.

We currently are marketing our own website in many ways to give this No Service Fee option to as many people as possible.

Please make sure to pass on this information to anyone you know who would be interested in booking one of our Beautiful Victoria Rentals and would like to save on service fees.

Gary and Rosemary