Payment Methods

Payments and Damage Deposits

This page describes our payment methods. 

When you book the short term Downtown Pandora Condo you will be able to automatically book the rental and you will be prompted for your payment using one of the 3 options below.

The Pearl House Suites require rental applications and approvals before payments are requested since these are longer term rentals (30+ days). 
Payment for this must be done by Option 3 E-Transfer (as credit card fees are enormous on the longer term amounts). Contact us to discuss other options.

Our policy is to allow up to 3 payments for a rental. Normally 1/3 at booking time, 1/3 30 days before, and 1/3 7 days before start of rental.

If your booking period is less than 30 days before the start date then you will be required to pay the full amount upon booking.

Damage Deposits

If you pay using option "1. Stripe - Credit Card" your damage deposit amount will be pre-authorized on your credit card 1 day before the rental start and released within 7 days of the rental end. No actual deposit will be taken from your credit card unless then is a damage claim. Note that in some cases for rentals over 7 days that your credit card company policy may require us to reissue the pre-authorization.

If you pay using Options "2 - PayPal" and "3 - E-Transfers" then the refundable damage deposit will be added to the rental amount and will be refunded within 7 days of end of your rental unless there is a damage claim.

Payment Options

  1. Stripe - Credit Cards
    Our main payment system uses the Stripe payment system. Once you have made your booking 1st payment (which confirms your booking) then the other 2 payments at the scheduled time will automatically be charged to the same credit card. Refunds for changes or your damage deposit will be returned to the same credit card.
  2. PayPal- Account or Credit Cards
    You may pay by either your PayPal account or by the PayPal credit card option. The 1st payment will be taken at time of booking (which confirms your booking). The other 2 payments will be requested from you by email at the scheduled time at which point we request you pay the amounts within 24 hours. Refunds for changes or your damage deposit will be returned to your PayPal account.
  3. E-Transfers
    You may also send your payment by E-Transfer to our email address
    The 1st payment should be sent to us within 24 hours of the booking to hold the reservation. PLEASE also send us a second email with the payment password so we can deposit the payment. The other 2 payments will be requested from you by email at the scheduled time at which point we request you send our E-Transfer within 24 hours. Refunds for changes or your damage deposit will be E-Transferred to your email account. Let us know beforehand if you would like to change the email address to receive your refunds.

    For any questions related to our payments accepted please feel free to contact us by email at or phone (Gary) +1-250-881-4117.